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Hollywood Dreams Release Date

Hollywood Dreams will officially be released January 1, 2018!

Check out the blurb here:

Maggie Connolly was finally getting what she thought was her big break in the film industry. One wrong turn through a closed door; however, sends her dreams to tatters. Now, Trevor McCain, Hollywood’s “it” boy had it out for her.

However, Maggie was tired of always being pushed around. No longer willing to sit on the sidelines, Maggie called Trevor out for who he really was.

At thirty years old Trevor McCain was now Hollywood’s biggest star. Men wanted to be him, and women wanted to be with him. Problem was, he was tired of the everyday “yes, sir” life, but no one dared to ever tell him no.

That was until chubby, plain jane Maggie Connolly, walked in on an intimate moment and turned his whole world upside down.

Intended for audiences 18+

Hollywood Dreams


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